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Your Head in the Clouds…Again

About a year ago, we released Mental Case 2 for iOS. Included in that release was a feature that many had been requesting for years: cloud sync. And whilst it worked reasonably well for most customers, it had some shortcomings. We felt Mental Case deserved better.

The cloud sync engine we originally used was not developed by The Mental Faculty. We decided that to do it properly, we would have to do it ourselves, so we started development of a whole new sync engine.

As any app developer will tell you, sync is hard, much harder than would appear to any user of an app. When sync works, you probably don’t even notice it. When it doesn’t work, it is the most infuriating experience imaginable.

We have toiled for a year on our new sync engine, and it is finally ready. Today we released Mental Case updates on OS X and iOS that include the new sync. The updates are free, so grab the new versions in the App Store, and give it a try.

The new sync engine was designed to be better in a number of ways

  1. It is faster
  2. It uses less memory on your device
  3. It uses up to 50 times less cloud storage
  4. It is much more robust merging data from different devices
  5. It doesn’t make you wait while syncing

It’s a big step forward, and we are proud of the result. If you’ve had trouble with iCloud sync in the past, please give the new sync engine a chance.

To celebrate the new sync, we are putting Mental Case for Mac on sale at $19.99 (normally $29.99). It’s a great opportunity to put Mental Case on all of your devices, and start syncing.